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Copper Canyon & Mazatlan

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We run at least one trip to Copper Canyon & Mazatlan a season. They are usually 30 days in duration. We also sometimes piggy-back tours on top of our longer term caravans. These are very flexible and offer options such as paying the difference and continuing on with the longer trip, or remaining in Mazatlan (at your expense) until it comes back northbound. These are usually a week shorter than our regular trip and a bit cheaper. Also, if you decide to take one of our longer caravans in a following season, we will not only discount you 7.5%, but we will allow you to drop, or substitute, tours you already have taken. The Copper Canyon portion of the trip is all inclusive, including first class train, hotels, meals & tours. Reliable pet sitting is available. If you just want an introduction to RVing in Mexico, this is the trip for you. Click the yellow bar above to be taken to our main web site for all the details.



Our longer trips

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We run longer term trips of 55- 85 days on a colonial city loop, or a Yucatan - Chiapas loop. We usually do one long Fall trip and one long Spring trip. They may be either our Colonial Cities, west coast beaches loop, or our Ruta de Maya loop through the Yucatan & Chiapas. They may use Laredo or Nogales as border crossings. These trips are for those who want a longer Snowbird experience and have the time to spare. Sometimes there are some options on these trips, such as go down with one and return with another. They all include quite a few days of relaxing beach time as well as many full day tours. Many of our wagon masters also organize extra free or almost free tours. If these tours interest you, select the longer tours button above to go to the page for them..


Why a Mexico Caravan?


Traveling in an RV Caravan to Mexico is a great way to experience the country, at least for the first time. You will soon discover that your fears are unfounded, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of roads & facilities available to the RV community. You will also experience the camaraderie of your fellow travelers. Best of all, you will discover the wonderful culture of this country and just how genuine the Mexican people are, once you get away from the resorts & time share salesmen. One thing for sure, once you experience Mexico, you will never be happy with Arizona again. We can also accommodate people without RV's, do partial trips or "down in Fall back in Spring" trips. We are much more flexible than other companies. Sometimes in Spring we offer an optional exit via Texas, depending on availability of staff. We are very flexible and will work out prices for partial trips, etc. We also give discounts to repeat customers.






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